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The US’s top health official has warned the country could hit 100,000 new coronavirus cases a day. Plus, avocado fans rejoice.

The pints were supped and the unkempt hairdos cut and styled as England embarked Saturday on its biggest lockdown-easing yet,

Full list: Prominent people diagnosed with Covid-19 – American singer Pink, 40, said on April 5 that she had tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks prior and had since recovered.

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In World War II, the American submarine force was inordinately small—just 252 total boats, compared to the more than 1,100.

I wrote a novel that touches on domestic violence—and perfect strangers felt entitled to ask if I was a victim.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit reported nine new COVID-19 cases in the region Friday, on the same day they’ve reported the region has the second highest rate of the disease in.

Gameboys,’ the first Filipino BL series produced by a professionala media outfit. Originally meant for just four episodes,

24 Anime Worth Watching On Netflix – Netflix Australia’s anime library is pretty impressive these days. Here’s the best anime series and movies to stream right.